Monday, December 14, 2009

Did You Think?

Did You Think?

Did you think

I wouldn’t notice,

or care,

that you disappeared

like a puff of smoke?

Did you think

you wouldn’t notice,

or care,

that you missed me?

Did you think?

Lindsay Riggs Brown

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



(For M.R.T.)

His story cuts me to the quick.

secrets told after

an intimacy shared,

perhaps too soon.

Voice breaking,

heart broken

but spirit strong

after six

very short, very long years

And I know exactly what he means

when he tells me

he lost everything that day.


After he put down his weapon,

before he surrendered himself,

he found his straight edge.

The piece

of the puzzle of his life

that let him

begin again.

Lindsay Riggs Brown

Saturday, December 5, 2009



“I could just eat you up.”

He tells her,

in the beginning

“You are deliciously delectable.

Sweet and savory”

He bites her lip;

nibbles her ear;

devours her scent;

suckles her breast;

and tastes her tongue

“I could just eat you up.”

He tells her,

in the beginning.

...and in the end…

he does.

Lindsay Riggs Brown



I call

for direction.

don’t lose me here;

not now.

a cold discarded penny

on wet pavement.

The phone smells

like other people’s voices.

Snow’s falling

across a silver, steel span

called the Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan calls

but I’ve no destination

on an empty night.

If I could,

I would make time crawl

to me on its hands and knees

and you would love me again.

Lindsay Riggs Brown