Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shame on you

Shame on you

Shame on you.
What have you done?
Your heart’s dried up.
You think you’ve won.

But after all is said,
and after all is done,
you will be alone,
and I will be the one.

I will be the one
to never be alone.
I will be the one
to find a happy home

I’m sorry life has been so cruel,
you felt that you must hide.
I’m sorry. Yes, I’m sorry,
but I have really tried

To give you all the love
I’m sure that you deserve.
To cherish you and give my heart
in practice and in word

I hope that you find happiness.
But I think that you will not.
Then one day you'll look at me
and see what you have lost.

Lindsay Riggs Brown

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