Thursday, October 2, 2008

Words of Wisdom/ A Bumper Year for Mushrooms

Words of Wisdom / A Bumper Year for Mushrooms
For Robyn

“I’m tired”, I cried. “I need a husband.
Someone to take out the trash,
dry the dishes after dinner,
and help with the dirty laundry.”

“I’ve got one”, she told me.
“One that I love.
And I’ve got twice as much laundry,
twice as many dirty dishes piled up,
and he never remembers to take out the trash.”

“I can’t stand any more rain!” I said.
“Well, there has been a lot of rain this September.”
My sister said.
“But, it’s been a bumper year for mushrooms.

Lindsay Riggs Brown

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Kevin Macneil Brown said...

Nice clean rhythm with lifting energy of narrative and images.