Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taking Planet Earth for a Spin

Taking Planet Earth for a Spin

Come on my good friend, come on, get in;

For your own safety sake, buckle your belt;

We'll take planet Earth out for a spin;

Let's travel so fast the Polar Caps melt!

We’ll make it a day; it’ll be really rad!

Let's swing by the Milky Way; drink it all up.

Come now, drink up…why should we feel bad?

It’s an endless cup!

Then let’s leave trash all over Mars

Is there, or isn’t there, life in the stars;

Who cares if there is…

their lives’ are not ours.

Let’s release gas emissions all over the place

Oh, the fun we will have, Oh, the smog we will make.

Clean air’s overrated, we won’t leave a trace

Why do we need air for goodness sake?

When our trip’s finished

We’ll laugh and we’ll say,

“We’re so very sorry,

But, that’s just our way.”

Lindsay Riggs Brown

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