Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saddest Moon

Saddest Moon

Oh saddest moon long in the heavens
Patiently waiting all sixes and sevens
For a love that will not come

Do you look to earth to find him tonight?
You will not find him here
For he is on the other side of the world
Bestowing upon another his wondrous light
He’s left you all alone my dear
Sleepless in the night

When he departed he kissed your cheek
And left on it his golden glow
So that you could realize
No other’s kiss shall you know

Cassiopeia and Orion are now under your care
You must tend them on your own
Although it be not fair

From here on earth we look to you
We know you will be fine
For you are all alone now
And eternally will shine

Lindsay Riggs Brown

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