Tuesday, December 25, 2007

That Thing

That Thing

I beseech thee to protect thy ribs.
For behind them is where that thing lives.
That thing I've given thee with thine.
That thing that makes you good and kind.

I beg of thee, protect thy skull.
Inside of it's that thing so full
of thoughts and acumen so keen.
The likes of which I’ve never seen.

I’m asking thee, please take great care
of all the parts and pieces there.
Of each of them I am so fond.
And could not bear if one were gone.

Lindsay Riggs Brown

1 comment:

Beezy said...

Nee Nee, after reading these poems of yours I understand why I love you! You are amazing!!!!! I love that you can write, I love that you can make these poems understandable and connectable. Nee nee, I freakin' love you!

They're beautiful!